Welcome to our website!

We hope you enjoy finding out more about our school. Hatfield Woodhouse is small, rural primary school catering for 230 children who are from the villages of Hatfield Woodhouse, Lindholme and the surrounding area.

The building is set in pleasant grounds in the village of Hatfield Woodhouse, 9 miles north east of Doncaster. We pride ourselves on our delightful children, our hard-working professional staff (and AAB members) and our passion for learning. We are proud of the warm, family atmosphere in our school and the attainment of our children.

As you will see as you browse around, we have a beautiful school and some fabulous resources. The school was first built in 1877 and has been constantly improved and developed since then! We became part of the Delta Academies Trust in 2012 and have grown through the nurturing CPD offered within the family of schools.

We believe we can only achieve the best for our pupils by working closely with parents, carers and the local community. There are many opportunities for parents to share their child’s education and visitors to school are welcomed. I hope this website becomes a valuable part of our working relationship and serves to improve communication as well as providing useful information to all visitors to the site.

Mrs Helen Acton