Teaching and Learning

The best classroom practice draws together a variety of approaches to teaching and learning to maximise school achievement.

High quality teaching is a powerful tool, which brings about high quality, exciting learning, which is the entitlement of every pupil. In September 2014 we adopted the new Cornerstones Curriuculum which is in-line witht he 2014 national Curriculum. It is a project-based, enquiry-led learning programme which we believe is motivational to all our pupils.

This has offered Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School a structure on which to develop an innovative and creative book led curriculum with the security and knowledge that there is full coverage and progression of the new National Curriculum. It also incorporates the RESPECT curriculum.

  • Resilience
  • Empathy
  • Self-awareness
  • Positivity
  • Excellence
  • Communication
  • Team work

Children’s achievement is continually monitored so that extra support can immediately be given where any pupil is seen to require this.

The needs and interests of our pupils are always at the core of our curriculum.