Spelling and Grammar


In terms of spelling, at Hatfield Woodhouse we use the Babcock's No Nonsense scheme for Year 1-6.  This resource provides pathways to build upon prior learning. 

In terms of learning time, each class focuses the first section of their day on spelling development.  This involves specific tasks such as spelling investigations and using spelling words in different contexts.

In addition to this, depending on year group, we have a word of the day or week, which requires children to investigate the definition of the word, using it in a sentence and finding antonyms and synonyms.

Classes have a spelling test each week and spellings form part of our homework.

Spellings are also modelled through Talk For Writing teaching.

For children who experience difficulties with spellings support is available via intervention or specific support resources such as Nessy.


At Hatfield Woodhouse, we teach discrete lesson for grammar and punctutation.  We also support chidren's learning through modelling SPAG skills through Talk for Writing.