At Hatfield Woodhouse we pride ourselves on ensuring our pupils receive a broad and balanced curriculum, so we invest a lot of time into the teaching of science. We understand the importance of science as a standalone subject but also work hard to ensure it is taught throughout the curriculum where there are links, such as maths with measuring and timing, English learning new vocabulary and writing up experiments, to the use of IT and data loggers to record ongoing temperatures and iPad to create time-lapse videos of plants growing.

To ensure we are following the National curriculum and that every science topic is taught thoroughly and allows pupils to build on prior learning we use the Snap science scheme of work. This is very much about hands on practical science, about pupils becoming scientists and posing questions to investigate and then scientifically investigating the answers.

We are proud as a school to have gained the Bronze PSQM (Primary Science Quality Mark) and are currently working towards the Silver award. To again the silver award we have taken part in science competitions against other schools, this was our rocket launch, we invited parents in to help make the rockets and then launched them and measured how far they travelled. I am pleased to say we won a couple of prizes at the science competition.

Mr Needham and the Gardening club are working tirelessly to develop our nature garden which we are using for science lesson outside. We have a fantastic pond filled with all sorts of creatures, raised beds where classes are growing different fruit and vegetables, we have a wild area left so we can attract butterflies and insects and we have bug hotels and a hedgehog house (Kindly bought by Mrs Collins before she left). We use the nature garden as part of one of our enrichment activities on a Friday afternoon and Mrs Phillips takes her Wild club out to carry out bug spotting, bird watching and general garden maintenance. We also have our science club during enrichment time run by Mrs Mac, the pupils are loving making circuits and testing rockets.

If you would like to have ago at science at home please follow the links below for quick, easy and fun experiments from the Cress star awards:

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