Pupil Premium

We will receive £44,880 Pupil Premium in 2018-2019. This additional money is
generated by the number of pupils who are eligible for free school meals and children who are looked after
by the local authority. At Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School we have used it for a range of additional
• We ensure that all classes have a teaching assistant to support these children during the mornings.
Teaching assistants also deliver a wide range of intervention programmes to support reading, writing and
maths to small groups of children during some afternoons.
• We have a Learning Mentor to support children who have barriers to their learning.
• At Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School we are committed to providing a range of experiences which
enhance the curriculum and pupils’ enjoyment of school. The pupil premium has been used to contribute
towards the cost of these visits and visitors.
We are proud to have attained the Achievement for All Chartermark!
More specific information about our Pupil Premium Children
• 18% of our disadvantaged children are on the SEN register – 3.7% have statements or EHCP plans. In
addition to their 1-1 classroom support these children will have time in the sensory room, sensory circuits,
Nessy and Beat Dyslexia interventions, Phonics and spelling interventions and maths interventions
according to their individual need.
• 40% of our disadvantaged children have emotional, social or behavioural barriers to learning and will be
supported by a learning mentor through nurture time, Star-time, Lego therapy, Circle of Friends sessions or
1-1 mentoring.
• 48% of our disadvantaged pupils had low attainment in the previous key stage. These children will have
TA or teacher support in the classroom in small group work. In addition they will have regular interventions
in small groups. Those children at the end of their key stage will have 1-1 tutoring and booster classes after
• 44% of our disadvantaged children attained in-line with national attainment at the previous key stage.
These children will have small group interventions out of the classroom to ensure their combined
attainment remains at an age-related level.
• 3.7% of our disadvantaged children are classed as higher attainers on fft aspire – all these children are in
upper Key Stage 2. These children will have 1-1 tutoring to develop their editing skills in their writing and
spelling interventions.
• 15% need monitoring for attendance issues. We will support this through advising our EWO to make
regular contact with their parents to encourage better attendance.

You can read more about how we utilise the Pupil Premium funding on our Statutory Information page here.