Other Groups and Busy Bees Nurture Group

As a school we want all of our pupils to reach their full potential. We understand for some pupils to be able to achieve this we have to put extra support in, this comes in the form of our varied enrichment groups which run at lunchtimes and in an afternoon across school. We aim to raise the aspirations, access and achievement of your child.

Look at some of the exciting things that are on offer.

Gardening Group

Our children experience all aspects of gardening including weeding and planting. Vegetables are grown in our raised beds and we are growing many plants from seeds. This year we would like to plant and cultervate pumkins so each class can take part in a pumkin carving competition in 2016! Gardening group are aiming to design and create some stunning baskets and tubs with a winter theme and sell them at the Christmas Fayre. The funds raised will go towards purchasing a greenhouse, this will expand what we can grow at the moment. The children working in this group learn about the importance of team work, patience and giving and following instructions. 


When the children are baking, they learn different baking skills including rubbing in, creaming and melting methods. The children use numeracy skills when they are weighing out their ingredients, timings and temperatures, reading skills by following a recipe, speaking and listening skills and also all aspects of hygiene and safety during baking sessions. 

Social Skills Development

Some children may need a little bit of support when making, finding and keeping friends. Practical ideas and support are offered to various children throughout the year as the need arises. These can be on a 1:1 basis or in a small group if appropriate. The sessions are fun and enjoyed by all of the children who participate.

Build-it Lego Therapy Group

This group encourages the children to work together to make models. Sometimes there is one big model, sometimes smaller ones on a theme eg rockets. The children offer suggestions of how to proceed with their building and enjoy sharing ideas. It can be quite tricky if your idea isn’t chosen, so lots of negotiation and resilience is needed. Children can take on specific roles within the group, instruction giver, builder, observer and commentator. 

Specific Needs

Along with these weekly groups, there are many opportunities given to children who may need a boost of self-esteem,who are struggling with friendships and relationships, or may need specific support due to changes in their family. Mrs Crank is our learning mentor in school, and offers a whole range of 1-1 and small group support based on need.

Busy Bee Nuture Group

This takes place 3 afternoons a week on  a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and has a small group of pupils (6), who work intensively with our Learning Mentor Mrs Crank on basic skills to help them thrive and be ready to learn. Their sessions include completing a sensory circuit, trying new foods and drinks, understanding the importance of health and hygiene as well as good manners. Each half term they focus on a theme such as "under the sea" or "out of space". There is always a story time to develop listening skills and devlop imagination and we have found a very important session is our sharing of feelings. Keep up the good work Busy Bees!

We use a combination of the Boxhall Profile, pupil progress and information from families and class teachers to identify children who may struggle with focus, confidence, participation in some lessons and have emotional needs that are not being met.  

Our aim for Busy Beesis to boost children’s confidence, develop resilience and improve self esteem and allow the children to transfer this success to their lives both in and out of school. Children follow a structure and routine that is clear to both staff and children which includes group listening and speaking, work tasks, individual and shared play. team work and social skills activities. Tasks may be easy (to promote positive attitude and success), difficult (to promote concentration), impossible (to promote problem solving and resilience), but most of all, they are fun. If you hear laughter coming from our nurture room, things are going well! The group runs on consistency, positive reinforcement and praise and follow the 6 key principles of The Nurture Group Network: Nurture UK