Breakfast Club

Opening time - 8am every school morning.

Cost - £1.50 per day per child

Our Breakfast Club remains very popular. It is run by Mrs Crank, Mrs fowler and Miss Killgallon each school-day morning from 8:00am-8.55am. As well as themed breakfasts, the children can enjoy craft activities, Wii games and Sports mornings. 

Breakfast club policy can be found under policies section.

Breakfast Club Menu

Mon, Tues, Thurs - Choice of cereals, Toast with jam, marmalade and chocolate spread.

Wednesday - Choice of spaghetti or beans & sausages on toast.

Fri - Choice of cereals, cereal bars and toast.

Special themed breakfasts will be arranged throughout the school year. 


Arts, craft and colouring activities.

Other activities include play in the hall and outside (weather permitting), construction, board games, wii and just dance (which we are all now experts at!). Also, new for this year are play dough and painting.

Children are given the opportunity to suggest breakfast club activities and we endeavour to provide them. However to keep costs down, any contributions of small scale (indoor) play equipment, crafts, suitable games for the wii and board games will be most welcome.

Thank You,

Breakfast Club Staff