At Hatfield Woodhouse we understand the importance of good attendance at school is the single most important factor in ensuring that your child will maximise their learning opportunities.  By attending school every day your child takes an important step in reaching their full potential.  Research completed by the Department for Education found that every day missed was associated with a lower attainment outcome in primary school.  The more time your child spends around other children, the more chance they have of making friends and feeling included, boosting their social skills, confidence and self-esteem.  Promoting positive school attendance is therefore everyone’s responsibility. 

We want your child to have the education and skills they need to live a happy and fulfilling life. 

Rewards for good attendance

As a school, we strive to attain 97% or above for our whole school attendance target. We celebrate and congratulate those children who demonstrate good attendance by turning up every day with smiles on their faces. We do this by having an attendance display in every classroom monitoring every child’s individual attendance and each Friday there is a small reward for children with 100% attendance that week.

On a Friday, to great excitement and a drum-roll of hands beating on the hall floor during Celebration Assembly, we announce the class attendance and the top 3 classes over 96% receive a rosette, which they proudly display on their classroom door for all visitors to see. We also have a beautiful display in the hall, where each class is represented. Each week, if the class achieve 96% their animal is placed in the middle of the rosette and they get extra play-time.

Finally, once a term the school council are invited to chose a reward for the children whose attendance that term is over 96% and they enjoy either popcorn and a movie in the school hall or an afternoon of P.E. equipment on the school field or a pizza party. Children are very keen to take part in these activities.

Whilst we appreciate there are often very good reasons for children to be kept off school -such as illness or parent’s work circumstances good attendance has a massive impact on how well children achieve at school and how secure they feel at school too. We work hard with our parents and pupils to strive for the very best attendance we can. 

Unauthorised Leave (Holidays in term time) 

No leave of absence from school for a holiday in term time can be taken without the authorisation of the Principal and should you take your child out of school for a holiday you may be issued with a Penalty Notice.  From September 2018 Doncaster Council will continue to issue Education Penalty Notices to each parent for each child they take out of school for a holiday.  

Irregular Attendance at School 

If there are concerns with your child’s irregular attendance at school, we will first of all write to you.  It is very important that you work closely with us to ensure your child is able to attend school every day wherever possible.  If your child’s attendance is not at the expected level we will offer support to you and your child to ensure an improvement in attendance is made.  However, should the support not have the required improvement in attendance we may send you a penalty notice warning letter.  If there are any further unauthorised absences in the following 15 school days the school may request Doncaster Council to issue you with an Education Penalty Notice.  The penalty notice is a fine of £120 but reduced to £60 if you pay it within 21 days.  Doncaster Council will decide if a penalty notice can be issued but may decide to prosecute you instead.  Where Doncaster Council decide a prosecution should take place, they will write to you offering you to attend a meeting with an Enforcement Court Officer.  Following this meeting the Enforcement Court Officer will decide if a prosecution will take place and a summons will be requested from Doncaster Magistrates Court. 


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