Views of the Academy

Parents say:

My child loves this school and this is mainly down to the staff. All the teachers seem friendly and approachable, which is very important.

What the school does particularly well is helping to shape all rounded individuals, with a caring nature and the same values we have at home.

The staff have a friendly, family approach towards the children. All the school regualrly joins together with music and concerts. Paired  reading with mixed classes is great. Many children look happy in this school.

What I feel the school does particularly well is helps and recognises when extra help with learning is needed and acts promptly to make sure that the correct help is put in place.

The school values ther pupils and rewards good behaviour.

Children say:

It's got good education and we have really kind people and it's quite high tech too! - Year 6

I like doing my work. - Year 1

We line up smartly. - Year 3

The school makes the children give their full potential with high quality teaching. - Year 6

We have lots of kind people and very gentle friends. - Year 4

Staff say:

A friendly and caring school where staff, children and parents are valued and supported. My daughter came her and this school helped her make excellent progress and prepare her for secondary school.

I am proud to work amongst such a caring group of professionals who give over-and-above to help the children learn and have a positive, happy experience of education.