Academy Day

At Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School the academy day runs as follows:

FS1 (nursery)

Morning only session 9:00am -12:00noon

Key Stage 1 and FS2

Morning session:- 8:45 - 12:00noon

Afternoon session:- 1:10-3:30pm

Key Stage 2

Morning session:- 8:45 - 12:10pm

Afternoon session:- 1:10-3:30pm

Parents are welcome in to share spelling activities on Thursdays and Fridays but Monday -Wednesday parents are asked to leave their children at the school door in order to encourage independence and self-organisational skills.

A typical day for Key Stage 1 and 2 children

8:45am-9:00am Spelling

9:00-9:10am Registration and Dinner Register

9:10-10:00am Reading

10:00-10:10am Playtime

10:10-11:00am Maths

11:00-11:10am Playtime

11:10-12:10 English (Key Stage 2 and Year 2)

11:10-12:00 English (Year 1 and Foundation Stage)

2:30pm Assembly

1:10-3:30pm Topic and P.E.