Race for life

Well done to all of the children, staff and parents for supporting us with the race for life.  We have raised a fantastic amount of money, the grand total to date is £1067.50!!

Thank you!

  • EYFS - Experience the Dark

    15th November 2016 - Wybers Wood Academy

    What fabulous fun pupils and parents from early years had during Experience the Dark.  We had a story, played hide & seek in school with the lights switched off then enjoyed hot dogs, drinking chocolate and a firework display!  It was super fun.

  • Debate Mate

    15th November 2016 - The South Leeds Academy

    In November this year, eighteen of our Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 students had the opportunity to take part in the Debate Mate programme. Debate Mate is an after school activity that teaches students the importance of thoroughly researching a debate topic, critically evaluating the information they have gathered, developing an opinion on the topic, then debating the issues raised. To introduce our students to the debating arena, there was a central launch at Mount St. Mary’s Catholic High School, where the group w

  • M&M Theatre

    14th November 2016 - Crookesbroom Primary Academy

    We were lucky enough to have a fantastic pantomime production of Aladdin from M&M Theatre Productions. This production was enjoyed by all staff children.

  • Y4, Y5, Y6 NAPA performances

    14th November 2016 - The Parks Academy

    We are delighted to confirm the date for our fantastic NAPA (northern Academy of Performing Arts) perfomance this year.

    Y4 Holtby, Y5 Sullivan, Y6 Buttrick

    Monday 12th December. KS2 hall. 10.30. Parents/Carers and families please come along!

  • Anti-Bullying Week

    14th November 2016 - The Vale Academy

    It is Anti-Bullying Week nationally and a programme of events at The Vale Academy will reinforce our strong stance against the issue.

    Vertical house tutor sessions and a special assembly aim to give our students more confidence to help tackle any issue swiftly and effectively.

    Vice Principal Andy Collins said nationally-recognised resources from the Ben Cohen Stand Up Foundation and the Power for Good website, set up by the Anti-Bullying Alliance, would be utilised.

    “Fortunately, incidents of bullying at the a

  • D of E Students visit Peak District

    14th November 2016 - Garforth Academy

    The Silver and Gold award students have been busy, spending a day out in the Peak District on Saturday November 12th. Here is a write up from one of our community volunteers:

    On Saturday morning, Mr Meyer, the new Silver and Gold groups and most of the regular volunteers gathered together for a day’s walk, and it was great to see to see such healthy numbers (36 students).
    Some of the Gold group realised how much they would miss the company of the previous year’s Gold group – they are suddenly the seniors! A

  • Anti-bullying Week

    14th November 2016 - Serlby Park Academy

    Anti-bullying week 2016 was held between 14th and 18th November with the theme ‘Power for Good’.  It was a great way to take a stand against bullying and raise awareness in our Academy. Bullying doesn’t just affect children but adults too.

    If you have any concerns about your child being bullied please contact your childs Head of Year for support.

    We have purchased a supply of useful booklets which provide tips for parents in preventing and dealing with bullying. These are available for you to collect free of

  • Sam and Sammie

    13th November 2016 - Grange Lane Infant Academy

    Sam and Sammie came to school to talk to our children about how important it is to come to school regulary.

    They even posed for a picture with Mrs Chappell!

  • Remembrance Service

    13th November 2016 - Manor Croft Academy

    We had a really successful day at the church today.  Nine students attended the remembrance service at St Paul's Church, Hanging Heaton.  

    Molly Waring and Heather Senior in Year 11 both read a poem together in the service and Ruby Windle and Joe Exley laid a wreath in memory of Jake Hartley and other fallen soldiers.

    The feedback from the community and the church were excellent and the students were absolutely fantastic and a credit to our school.  I certainly believe this can be an annual event.  Afterwards

  • Thought for the week...

    13th November 2016 - Park View Primary Academy

    This week is anti-bullying week....we are remembering that it's 'Cool to be kind!'

  • Children in Need

    12th November 2016 - The Parks Academy

    Children in Need this year is our second charity fund raising event. Last year we supported many differrent charities, both local, (eg Breathe fo Cameron) and national ( eg British Heart Foundation). In total, we rasied over £1000, reaching our target! This year we are aiming for £1500! It starts on Friday with Children in Need Day. Nice and simple, wear spotty clothes and bring in a minimum donation of 50p!

    We are always overwhelmed by the support and generosity of parents in this amazing community. We've a

  • Remembrance

    11th November 2016 - The Parks Academy

    The Academy stood still at 11am to reflect and remember. F1 created their own poppies this week too.


    11th November 2016 - Ash Hill Academy

    This morning our Year 11 students were treated to the return of theatre troupe ManACTCo, who performed their rendition of Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’. This was as part of our drive to help students better understand some of the harder aspects of the English Literature syllabus.

    ManACTCo had previously performed to Year 11 students in October, with three Shakespeare plays in an hour! They will be returning again in March 2017 to perform ‘An Inspector Calls’, with spaces FREE for parents/carers to at

  • Remembrance Day

    11th November 2016 - Crookesbroom Primary Academy

    Thanks to your generosity we raised £529 for the Royal British Legion.  


    11th November 2016 - Ash Hill Academy

    We are very proud to announce that a student of Ash Hill Academy, Kaleigh Mason, took part in this year’s Trafalgar Day Parade in London. Miss Mason, a member of the Sea Cadet Corps, paraded as part of the greater host of Forces personnel who commemorated the Battle of Trafalgar (21st October 1805) – a turning point in British history.

    Under Admiral Lord Nelson’s command, the Royal Navy engaged Napoleon Bonaparte’s French fleet, stopping their advance across Europe and cementing Britain’s command over the h


    11th November 2016 - Ash Hill Academy

    As a mark of respect, the Academy will be observing a one minute silence today. This will be signalled by the session bell sounding at 11:05, followed by a double-ring at 11:06. All members of staff, students, and visitors are asked to please observe this silence as a mark of respect on Armistice Day.

  • Remembrance Day 2016

    11th November 2016 - Rowena Academy

    The children sold poppies and new poppy related items (wristbands, bracelets etc) in school all week to raise money for the Royal British Legion. Can we say a Big Thank You to everyone who supported this worthwhile cause. We raised an impressive £240.91.