Race for life

Well done to all of the children, staff and parents for supporting us with the race for life.  We have raised a fantastic amount of money, the grand total to date is £1067.50!!

Thank you!

  • Wakefield Cathedral Shrove Tuesday Event

    22nd February 2017 - De Lacy Academy

    Wakefield Cathedral have launched the Giving Campaign which coincides with Pancake Day and the season of Lent.  Traditionally Lent would be a period of fasting or giving something up – they are asking that people give something instead. Local foodbanks have provided a shopping list of the items that they regularly give out:-

    Long-life milk

    Tins of meat, fish, fruit & vegetables

    Instant mashed potato & soup

    Tins of soup, tinned meals

    Tea bags & coffee


    Wheat biscuits & cereals

    Tins of tomatoes, spaghetti, ra

  • Careers & Vocational Drop-Down

    21st February 2017 - The Elland Academy
    This afternoon The Elland Academy launched a drop down afternoon for all students.
    Years 10 and 11 were given the opportunity to learn about effective communication and develop their interview skills, student also had the chance to create letters of application for future career pathways and develop their CV'S.
    Years 8 and 9 were given the opportunity to choose and explore a vocational area with taster sessions including Motor Vehicle Mechhanincs, Art and Catering.
    We have had some fantastic outcomes:
    • Colleg
  • Opportunity to study Motor Vehicle Mechanics

    21st February 2017 - The Elland Academy
    The Yr9 students were sent on taster day to Lenton Drive to see what the Motor Vehicle Mechanics course was all about and whether it would be a possible vocation in life for the future.
    The students came full of enthusiasm and with a bit of concern as they didn't know what to expect on their two hour visit into the world of Motor Vehicles. The students were given a small health and safety lecture and then a test of mental agility was carried out, which the students did very well on.
    They were then taken int
  • Miss Anfield's visit to Kenya

    21st February 2017 - De Lacy Academy

    On Miss Anfield's annual trip to Africa, she was visiting a village called Maungu in Tsavo East National Park, Kenya. Prior to the visit, the chief villagers requested donation of babies' clothes and bras for the local people and sports equipment for schools.

    Miss Anfield approached Minsthorpe and Castleford Academies to support the trip as well as De Lacy. The three schools all gathered together old sports equipment from their PE departments. This totalled over 40kg of balls, nets, cones and bibs for three

  • Thought for the week ...

    20th February 2017 - Park View Primary Academy

    Our lovely new tables and chairs help us to sit smartly and do our best learning!

  • SPORTING NEWS ..............

    20th February 2017 - De Lacy Academy

    Year 7 & 8 students loved their karate training today.


  • New survey for parents

    20th February 2017 - De Lacy Academy

    Please follow the link below to complete the online survey by 23rd February 2017, it should only take between 3 - 5 minutes to complete.


    Thank you.

  • Garforth Lions Support

    20th February 2017 - Garforth Academy

    The Duke of Edinburgh Award Programme Manager, Mr Tony Meyer, was delighted when he found out that a bid made to the Garforth Lions, for financial support, had been successful.

    The Garforth Lions generously donated £850 which enabled him to purchase ten new rucksacks, six new cooking stoves and a number of compasses.

    The Duke of Edinburgh programme grows in popularity each year and whilst parents pay costs for campsites etc, key kit (such as rucksacks and tents) are provided by school to ensure that the progr

  • Making Hard Tack

    17th February 2017 - Willows Academy

    On Friday 17th February, as part of their ‘Ocean Explorers’ topic, Year 4/5 made a type of cracker called ‘Hard Tack’. This was part of the diet of Christopher Colombus and his crew on his voyage to America in 1492. The children worked well in groups, measuring out the ingredients carefully and taking it in turns to stir, knead and shape the dough. We are going to have our ‘Hard Tack’ as part of our ‘Ship’s Crew’ feast next term. 


    17th February 2017 - Ash Hill Academy

    During the February half term break there are a series of Intervention Sessions for Year 11 students. These sessions are designed to maximise the opportunities for exam success, so are crucial for students who may need that little extra support to achieve their target grades.

    PLEASE NOTE – All students must sign in at Student Reception on arrival and sign out when they leave.

    Intervention sessions will be as follows:

    MON 20th – 9 am to 3 pm

    Design Technology – AL3 and AL4 – Mr Ramage and Mr Blackett


    TUE 21st


    17th February 2017 - Ash Hill Academy

    An Ash Hill Academy alumnus has recently achieved boxing success whilst studying at Leeds Beckett University. Former Ash Hill student Jake Goodwin, as part of the Leeds Beckett University boxing team, took a gold in the 69-75kg open class category in the British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) Boxing rankings.

    Jake’s success helped the team to reach first place in the BUCS competition, showing that sporting prowess can be achieved alongside academic study. We wish Jake and his fellow team members well

  • Y11 Revision

    17th February 2017 - Hull Trinity House Academy

    With GCSE exams weeks away, we have uploaded all our Y11 Revision schedules, guides and resources on this page. Good luck and start revising early!

  • GCSEPod Competition Winners

    17th February 2017 - Hull Trinity House Academy

    Well done to all our GCSEPod Winners and well done to Madj Chakouch who is the winner of the Ipad Mini. All together Year 11 have already watched 5000 Pods this year. A great accomplishment!

  • Team Challenge Day

    17th February 2017 - Willows Academy

    KS2 had a great time on ‘Team challenge Friday’. They worked in small groups at a range of activities to earn points for their school teams. The activities were all based around problem solving. Each team had a go at each of the four activities, these were building the best racing car ramp, creating a cushion so that a water balloon wouldn’t burst when dropped from a height, trying to make sure a metre of string touched each of the 9 points on a grid and completing a ‘Countries of the world’ anagram treasur

  • Year 11 Revision Evening

    17th February 2017 - Hull Trinity House Academy

    Great Revision Evening yesterday with Year 11. Thank you all for coming.

  • Reading Challenge Gold Award

    17th February 2017 - Serlby Park Academy

    Congratulations to Camron 2KH, who has completed the Serlby Park Reading Challenge by reading all 18 books. Well done Camron!

  • Reading Challenge Gold Award

    17th February 2017 - Serlby Park Academy

    Congratulations to Ellarose, who has completed the Serlby Park Reading Challenge by reading all 18 books. Well done Ellarose!


    17th February 2017 - Ash Hill Academy

    The new Spring 2017 Enrichment Program is now available! This will start after the half term break on Monday 27th February 2017.

    Go to: http://www.ashhillacademy.org.uk/Enrichment for a downloadable copy.

    Please be sure to check the program before attending any sessions, as details have changed from the last term's program.

  • We say goodbye to Janet

    17th February 2017 - Wybers Wood Academy

    Our lovely cleaner Janet retired today after nearly 30 years of keeping the school sparkly and clean!  We will miss her very much but wish her all the best in her retirement.

  • Employability Day

    16th February 2017 - Rossington All Saints Academy

    RASA held it's third annual Employability day yesterday with all students involved in various activities aimed at preparing them for the world of work.

    Anona Philips, one of the business volunteers, commented: 

    "Students in the main have demonstrated positive attributes i.e. ambition, being courteous and friendly, lots of cheerfulness and extroversion were demonstrated.

    The majority of students today have taken personal responsibility for their own learning through skills such as asking questions and answeri