Race for life

Well done to all of the children, staff and parents for supporting us with the race for life.  We have raised a fantastic amount of money, the grand total to date is £1067.50!!

Thank you!

  • KS3 Night in the Woods

    22nd November 2016 - The Grove Academy

    As the first  challenge in The Grove Academy’s new Personal Development Programme, the KS3 students were challenged to spend a night in the woods, sleeping in self–built shelters.

    Designed to improve the students’ personal resilience and self-confidence, the challenge involved:  route planning; use of public transport; map reading;  teamwork; leadership; shelter building and campfire cooking. As much as possible, the  students were given control and independence with the activities and the decision making.


  • Change in leadership at TSLA

    22nd November 2016 - The South Leeds Academy

    Please see the letter below which explains the change in leadership at the Academy.

  • Classroom In The Woods

    21st November 2016 - Willows Academy

    As part of our topic on Invaders, KS2 went to the Classroom in the Woods. Miss Green’s and Miss Davenport’s class’ focus was Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. We participated in a variety of activities including:

    • Building boats from wood and string, which we floated down the river.
    • Foraged for our own food-finding sloes, blackberries and raspberries.
    • Building shelters from logs and branches we found in the forest
    • Plucked, cooked and ate pigeon that had been shot earlier in the day.

    Mr Wooliss’ class participated in a va

  • Road Safety

    21st November 2016 - Manor Croft Academy

    Mr Audsley, Assistant Principal has been delivering assemblies to all year groups on road safety.  A large number of students in our Academy walk or cycle to school so it is extremely important that students know how to keep themselves safe on and around our roads. 

  • UCAS Progress Student Applications

    21st November 2016 - Manor Croft Academy

    UCAS Progress student applications are now open for Post 16 pathways.  Please speak to your Personal Progress Tutor or C&K Careers staff (based in the Academy Library every Tuesday and every other Wednesday).

  • Children in Need 2016

    20th November 2016 - The Parks Academy

    The Parks held a super spotty day on Friday for Children in Need. We raised an amazing £139.

    This brings our total for this year up to £269 already!

    Our next event will be Christmas Jumper Day on Friday 9th December. Proceeds will be donated to Save The Children.


  • Robinwood 2016

    20th November 2016 - The Parks Academy

    Pupils are having an absolutely fantastic time at Robinwood. We will create a page with plenty of photos and details very soon. In the meantime, please check @TheParksAcademy and @ParksAcademyFS1

  • Y6 Hull Primary Enterprise

    20th November 2016 - The Parks Academy

    The children finished 5th out of 20 schools from across Hull and East Riding. They had to list 10 things that they like about Hull and also 3 things that they would like to see in the future. The prize was for their idea and sales pitch was that Hull should have a heat source provided by the Earth's molten core and underground water supplies. This would keep the city at a constant temperature throughout the year. Outstanding behaviour throughout, impeccable manners, responded well to adult interaction and t

  • Robinwood Photos now on the website

    20th November 2016 - The Parks Academy

    Look under the curriculum tab and then under Visits and Visitors.

  • Cross country

    19th November 2016 - East Garforth Primary Academy

    A group of children from East Garforth braved the elements to compete in Cross Country on Saturday 19th November. They started in the rain, but finished with a rainbow. Well done to all who took part. For more pictures follow us on Twitter @EastGarforth_PA

  • Children in Need

    18th November 2016 - Crookesbroom Primary Academy

    Thank you for your support with Children in Need- we raised over £314.40 for this amazing cause!

    Congratualtions to Vanessa who won the BIG Pudsey Bear!

  • This Week's Newsletter

    18th November 2016 - Simpsons Lane Academy

    Please see this week's newsletter

  • Innovation Week - Year 4 & 5

    18th November 2016 - Willows Academy

    On the first day of ‘Innovation Week’ Year 4/5 have been learning about the different foods from around the world. They have completed research based challenges, estimated and weighed a variety of fruits and to finish the day off had a tasting session. They had to come up with WOW Words to describe the fruits they were tasting and I can tell you, some of the reactions and WOW Words were rather surprising!

  • Children in Need

    18th November 2016 - Grange Lane Infant Academy

    The Little Grangers showed off their artist skills today making a Pudsey Bear as part of the schools fundraising day for Children in Need. 


  • Children in Need

    18th November 2016 - Grange Lane Infant Academy

    Thank you to everyone who supported Children in Need by wearing their pudsey clothings or spots and stripes. We made an amazing £106 for the great cause.

  • Children in Need

    18th November 2016 - The Grove Academy

    Children In Need was as always, an important day for everyone at The Grove Academy.  All week we had been bringing in our loose change to place around Pudsey Bear on the library table.    

    Most of the pupils had been working on some art work, with the rather wild idea of holding an auction and making money for Children In Need.  We had created some fabulous work on 11.11.16 for Remembrance Day, during the Friday Challenge.  There was an explosion of poppies, some created on the pupils individually prepared p

  • Children in Need

    18th November 2016 - East Garforth Primary Academy

    The children have arrived to school all dressed up in spots and Pudsey clothes for a fun filled day of fundraising for Children in Need. We have a playtime Bake Sale, our familes have kindly donated lots of delicious treats! There is also a SPOT THE SPOT competion. Find 20 hidden spots around school and be entered into the prize draw.The children also had the opportunity to contribute to the menu for lunch today. Mrs. Kirkham and her team have cooked up a special Children in Need lunch of chicken nuggets an

  • Children in Need Day

    18th November 2016 - Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School

    All the children turned up today looking fabulous in their fancy dress, with spots galore to help fundraise for Children in Need. Thank you to our cook who also decorated the hall for our special dinner.