Race for life

Well done to all of the children, staff and parents for supporting us with the race for life.  We have raised a fantastic amount of money, the grand total to date is £1067.50!!

Thank you!

  • Health Eating in Reception

    23rd June 2017 - Grange Lane Infant Academy In Reception we have done lots of activities for Healthy Eating Week! We designed The Very Hungry Caterpillar using different veggies (and tasted lots of them too!). We also tried lots of different fruits. We tried melon, pomegranate, blueberries, mango and grapefruit (grapefruit made us pull funny faces!).
  • Fabulous GCSE Artwork

    23rd June 2017 - De Lacy Academy

    Year 11 students have have produced some amazing GCSE artwork this year for their exams, we are expecting top grades looking at this standard of work.

    Well done Y11!

  • We Can Eat Heathily In The Little Grangers

    23rd June 2017 - Grange Lane Infant Academy The Little Grangers had so much fun trying news fruit and vegetables. All the children brought different fruit to nursery. We made fruit smoothies and fruit kebabs, they were delicious.
  • Normandy Trip 2017

    22nd June 2017 - Hull Trinity House Academy


    This year we went on our annual trip with year 8 to Normandy.  We had fabulous weather and the pupils enjoyed an action packed 4 days.  We began with a stop in Honfleur, which is a beautiful seaside town, eating our packed lunches in the park and having a walk round the cafes and shops.  We visited a cider farm this year and had a guided tour of the orchards and the apple presses.  We sampled the apple juice and ate our sandwiches outside in the lovely sunshine.  We visited Mont-Saint –Michel and walked th

  • Science & Media Museum

    22nd June 2017 - The Elland Academy

    Year 10 students visited the new Science ad Media Museum in Bradford and stepped into a world of wonder.

    Students experienced an IMAX film about robots in 3D. The film followed the development of robotics and how computer science has helped with developing the new technology.

    The highlight of the day was how the students were invited to think like a scientist, feed their imagination and curiosity by navigating their way through 20 mind bending light and sound activities.

    Well done to all the students, we all h

  • 'Crazy Creatures' Writing Competition

    22nd June 2017 - Serlby Park Academy


    Congratulations to all our pupils who took part in our library writing competition.

    The books have now arrived in school for everyone to enjoy.


  • Wrap Splat Hat - Poetry Competition Winner

    22nd June 2017 - Serlby Park Academy


    Congratulations to Kayleigh in Year 4 who has won our summer poetry competition, which reminds children to stay safe in the sun.

    Here's Kayleigh's fantastic poem for everybody to enjoy. 

    The Summer Rap


    The Summer Rap, the Summer Rap, come and have a rap with me. 

    Summer is here,

    The time of year when we get to play in the sea!

    Put on your hat,

    Make your sunscreen go splat,

    With Ice-cream for you and me.

    But don't forget to have lots of fun

    and wrap up in the summer sun. 

    The Summer Rap, the Summer Rap, come and have

  • Reading in Key Stage 3

    22nd June 2017 - De Lacy Academy

    We take reading really seriously at De Lacy Academy, with all students assessed for their reading age every term.  We understand that students who have a high reading age have a better chance of achieving success in their GCSE exams than those with a lower reading age.  The independent reading that is promoted across the academy has enabled several students to achieve a significant increase in their reading age. 

    The English Faculty now has a Year 7 & 8 display on their corridor of all the students who have

  • Blue Light Showcase Event

    21st June 2017 - Hull Trinity House Academy

    Humberside Police, in conjunction with other Emergency Service and Criminal Justice Partners would like to invite you to a Blue Light Showcase Event which is being held at East Park, Hull on Saturday 15th July 2017.

    The event will open at 11:00hrs and is due to close at 17:00hrs.

    The event, which is linked to the City of Culture, is an exciting opportunity to showcase the complex and varied work that Emergency Services and Criminal Justice partners undertake and includes various displays including roads polic


    21st June 2017 - Ash Hill Academy

    On Tuesday 27th June 2017 the academy will be hosting a Year 6 Parents/Carers Open Day, where the families of Year 6 students will have an opportunity to attend a one to one meeting with a member of staff, to ask any questions and discuss any concerns. It will also be an opportunity to speak with Mrs Hayes from the medical/first aid team, to ensure all students' individual needs are met.

    Please could any Parents/Carers that have not already booked their appointments contact us on (01302) 840961 and request t


    20th June 2017 - De Lacy Academy

    You may have noticed members of the Senior Leadership Team standing at the school gates with mini whiteboards this week. This is Gatecrasher! Students are asked common literacy and numeracy questions that many people often get wrong in exams, such as the use of  there, their and they're or what the total number of degrees are in a trinagle. The idea is that over time, students will learn from these daily encounters and not make common errors in exams later on.

    Students who get correct answers are given a sli


    20th June 2017 - Ash Hill Academy

    There have been some timetable updates for our Creative Enrichment sessions for the Summer half term 2017. Please check this page for details - http://bit.ly/2svUg4R


    20th June 2017 - Ash Hill Academy

    After a brief postponement, the Drama Club enrichment will reopen on Monday 26th June 2017 and run on Monday afternoons 2:30-3:30pm. Sessions will be lead by Mrs Wigham in W4 - all students are welcome to attend.


    20th June 2017 - Ash Hill Academy

    On the dates below we will be welcoming Year 6 students and their supporting staff on Year 6 Transition Days:

    Wednesday 28th June - all feeder primaries except Sheep Dip and Kirton Lane

    Thursday 28th June - all feeder primaries except Sheep Dip and Kirton Lane

    Friday 30th June - all feeder primaries including Sheep Dip and Kirton Lane Group A

    Tuesday 4th July - Sheep Dip and Kirton Lane Group A and Group B

    Wednesday 5th July - Sheep Dip and Kirton Lane Group A and Group B

    For more details about the Year 6 Transit

  • National Drowning Prevention Week

    20th June 2017 - Serlby Park Academy

    Please see below document regarding National Drowning Prevention Week.


  • Art Exhibition 2017

    20th June 2017 - The Grove Academy

    Please come along to see the GCSE students artwork exhibited on Thursday 22nd June.


  • Right course mapped out

    20th June 2017 - The Vale Academy

    Navigation skills were put to the test as students took part in a district orienteering competition.

    Fourteen from The Vale Academy group qualified at the Brumby Hall, Scunthorpe, event, to represent North Lincolnshire in a Humber-wide competition.

    Matthew Neal, assistant curriculum leader PE, said 65 students across years 7, 8 and 9 represented the Vale Academy.

    “It presents an opportunity to develop map reading skills in a competitive environment as well as a focus on teamwork, leadership and fitness,” he sa

  • Year 10 Geography Field Trip News

    20th June 2017 - De Lacy Academy

    A fantastic day was had by our Year 10 Geographers last Thursday. They spent the day in the sunshine investigating the stunning landforms at Flamborough Head and then completing the fieldwork needed for their GCSE course in Hornsea.

     Textbook pages were brought to life as students could see the processes and features that make up the headland at Flamborough. They also got to practise a variety of fieldwork techniques. After a quick ice cream stop and opportunity to study the sand dunes at Bridlington the har

  • Art through City of Culture

    19th June 2017 - Hull Trinity House Academy

    Well done to two of our Year 8 students, Thomas Danby and Charlie Soper, that have been selected to attend a week of enrichment lessons for Art through City of Culture.

    It is an amazing opportunity for them both as they will meet with different artists and attend workshops over the course of the week in both Hull College and the Feren's Art Gallery.

  • Uniform Update

    19th June 2017 - Melior Community Academy

    With effect from September 2017, our uniform supplier will be SPT Uniforms – in line with all other academies in the Delta Trust.

    As previously updated on our website, from September 2017 our incoming Year 7 students will receive a complimentary uniform bundle. Measurements for their uniform will be taken on their transition day (Monday, 10th July) and the bundles will be available for collection prior to the end of the school term.

    There is no expectation for existing students to purchase this uniform howev