Race for life

Well done to all of the children, staff and parents for supporting us with the race for life.  We have raised a fantastic amount of money, the grand total to date is £1067.50!!

Thank you!

  • Kind Donation from South Electrical

    7th July 2016 - Grange Lane Infant Academy

    After hearing about the break in's this week, Managing Director, Richard South of South Electrical based at Harworth, has kindly donated some floodlights to help deter any unwanted guests at the school.

    A huge thank you from the staff and pupils at Grange Lane Infant Academy.

  • Oxford University presentation for Year 10

    7th July 2016 - Hull Trinity House Academy

    On Thursday the 7th July 2016 five students in Year 10 were invited to attend an event at Wyke College organised by Oxford University.

    An introductory presentation showed students all the benefits of Oxford University life, including a mini quiz matching well known Oxford alumni with the courses they studied.

    Students were surprised to discover that Margaret Thatcher read chemistry at Oxford and was responsible for the formulation of Mr Whippy ice cream.

    They then had Subject workshops with Oxford student amba

  • Prize Day 2016

    7th July 2016 - Hull Trinity House Academy

    Prize Day is an annual event which celebrates students' achievements.

    Well done to all the 2016 winners! You can find the complete list of prizes and winners on our Prize Day page.

    If you are interested in sponsoring one of our awards do not hesitate to contact the Academy. 

  • Parking

    6th July 2016 - Simpsons Lane Academy

    Please may I remind all staff, parents and visitors that come to Simpson's Lane Academy by car to be respectful of local residents when parking their cars.

     Please do not block access to peoples driveways etc.

  • Summer Holiday

    6th July 2016 - Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School

    Please note school closes at 3.30pm on Friday 15th July and re-opens to pupils on Monday 5th September. Training days for Staff on Thursday 1st & Friday 2nd September.

  • Break in's

    6th July 2016 - Grange Lane Infant Academy

    It is with great sadness that we have to confirm that within one week we have been broken in to twice! On each occasion the building has suffered considerable damage and of course it has caused a lot of upset.

    We thank all our parents who have offered help, given kind words of support and shown patience while we have needed to get repairs arranged.

    We have also received support in the form of a fund raising group, who would like to raise funds for CCTV to be installed. They have already come up with some amaz

  • Roscars!

    6th July 2016 - Grange Lane Infant Academy

    Here are some pictures from the Roscars tonight! Well done to James and Teegan in foundation who were shortlisted for their senses poems. Penguins class were shortlisted for their Jack and the beanstalk! Also shortlisted was Sienna's poem about the Queen! Georgia and Darcey won the Ks1 poetry category with their riddle about the queen. Also Lions class won the Ks1 fiction category with The Queen's Knickers!
    Well done to all those who represented Grange Lane the children were well behaved and were really ent

  • SMSC Day at The Grove Academy

    6th July 2016 - The Grove Academy

    On the 4th of July all the pupils at The Grove Academy had a special timetable, with the theme of “Looking After.”  Dirty Maths, run by Mr Webster and Mr Hughes, looked at the awful graphs and statistics showing the number of tigers left in the world.  Pupils were thoroughly engaged but saddened.  They all came out of the lesson with thought provoking facts and figures.  SMSC Hydroponic, Science with Miss McLellan and Mrs Wilkinson looked at the varying nutrients that were needed to grow radish shoots in pe

  • The HIVE at Hull University

    6th July 2016 - Hull Trinity House Academy

    On Wednesday the 6th July 2016, a small group of year 8 boys were lucky enough to visit The Hive at Hull University.

    The Hull Immersive Visualization Environment (HIVE) has an array of advanced visualization, motion capture and computer graphics technology.

    Initially the boys watched a presentation given by Dr Jon Purdy; he explained how computer images were generated and showed the students how this had evolved over the last few decades. 

    They then got to play with the immersive software, they soon got used t

  • New Ofsted Report

    5th July 2016 - Hull Trinity House Academy

    Following our recent inspection, our new Ofsted report has just been published. Hull Trinity House Academy has been judged Good. We are delighted and we would like to thank everyone who worked hard to secure this outcome.

    You can read the full section 5 report below:

  • G&T Maths Enrichment

    5th July 2016 - Hull Trinity House Academy

    Ten of our Year 10 pupils have taken part in a Maths enrichment day in York. The keynote speaker presented a fantastic talk on patterns and predictions, using maths in juggling. Throughout the day, pupils attended seminars such as Fun Maths, Codes and Cryptology, Climbing the Career Ladder, Game Theory (how to win at Million Pound Drop and Noel Edmunds Deal or no Deal) and the Use of Maths (in particular trigonometry) in making CGI Images.

    It was a very rewarding day throughout!

  • Normandy Trip 2017

    5th July 2016 - Hull Trinity House Academy

    In June this year we all travelled to Normandy in France.  We set off with high expectations for a thoroughly enjoyable trip with fun activities and delicious food and it certainly didn’t disappoint.  We spent 4 days exploring this beautiful region in France with a plethora of activities from visiting Mont Saint Michel and Alligator Bay, Arromanches with its D-Day beaches and 360˚cinema to bread making and snail and frogs’ legs tasting ( which some of the boys did with relish!).  All the boys and staff had

  • Year 11 Prom

    5th July 2016 - Hull Trinity House Academy

    This year's Year 11 Prom was again a great success. You can see below some of the pictures from the night.

    You can also see the Hull Daily Mail slide show here.

  • Young Writers Poetry Trials

    5th July 2016 - Hull Trinity House Academy

    We are delighted to announce the results of our Young Writers Poetry Trials competition. A record breaking 158 students of our Academy have had their poems accepted for publication! 

    Well done to all and we are looking forward to read your poems!

  • Prison Me! No-Way!

    5th July 2016 - Hull Trinity House Academy

    Last week our Year 9 took part in the Prison Me! No-Way! workshops. 

    Prison Me! No-Way! is a national educational charity with a core aim of raising awareness among young people about the causes, consequences and penalties of crime. 

    To know more about this charity and what the pupils learnt, please visit their website: http://www.pmnw.co.uk/

  • Postcards of Hope

    5th July 2016 - The Elland Academy

    Last Thursday, July 31st, the ‘Postcards of Hope Project’ came to its natural conclusion and all students involved gathered together to celebrate their collective achievement. Over 35 postcards were decorated and handed in, with a variety of wonderful and compassionate messages that honoured the set task.

    All the postcards were lain out for everyone to examine, while they ate their reward of the customary bacon butty.

    Mr Hudson said a few words to congratulate the students on their efforts and asked that the

  • Academy is Open on Tuesday 5th July

    5th July 2016 - The Elland Academy

    Despite some teaching unions taking strike action on Tuesday 5th July 2016, The Elland Academy will remain open to all students who normally attend on this day. If you have any questions about this please contact your PLA or school reception. 

  • Somme performance

    5th July 2016 - The Grove Academy

    On the 100th anniversary of the Somme students put on a fantastic play highlighting how recruits from our area ended up in the battle.

    You can now watch the performance in full.



  • Skipping Festival

    5th July 2016 - Wybers Wood Academy

    We were so proud of the children for showing off their skills at the 14th Skipping Festival.  A big thank you to the parents for coming to show their support as well.

  • Year 1 Stay & Make

    5th July 2016 - Grange Lane Infant Academy

    Thank you to all the parents and carers who joined their children to walk on the wildside!

    Lots of animal masks were made during the family craft session, which we received a great response to.

    Your support has been fantastic this year and we look forward to working with you all in year 2!