Race for life

Well done to all of the children, staff and parents for supporting us with the race for life.  We have raised a fantastic amount of money, the grand total to date is £1067.50!!

Thank you!

  • Easter revision session information

    12th March 2018 - De Warenne Academy

    We have a number of revision sessions taking place across the two weeks of the Easter holidays. Please see the table below for an overview. This will be updated regularly as more sessions are added. 

    Last update 16/03/2018





    Friday 23rd March (Inset Day)

    Y11 ICT



    Monday 26th March




    Monday 26th March




    Tuesday 27th March

    Comp Sci



    Tuesday 27th March




    Tuesday 27th March





  • Weekly Newsletter 12/03/18

    12th March 2018 - Rowena Academy

    Please find attached our weekly newsletter for 12th March 2018.

  • Year 1's DT Project

    12th March 2018 - Grange Lane Infant Academy

    Year 1 are busy making a sculpture of the Gruffalo for a ‘museum’ from Paper Mache. As you can see it is starting to take shape and over a period of sessions during the half term we should hopefully be able to show you the finished project!



  • Weekly Newsletter

    9th March 2018 - Crookesbroom Primary Academy

    Please click on this 'News Item' to see this weeks newsletter.

  • Lent and Pancake Assembly

    9th March 2018 - The Elland Academy

    The world record for the most pancake flips in 2 minutes is 349. Miss Scott managed 130 in 2 minutes with Mr Buccelli reaching 99. What’s your favourite topping? The Elland Academy favourite seems to be Golden Syrup.

  • Triple Trawler Tragedy

    9th March 2018 - Hull Trinity House Academy

    On Sunday 4th March 2018, Hull Trinity House Academy Principal Graham Moffatt attended the Triple Trawler Tragedy Service at Hull Minster along with other members of staff and the White Squad. It was a memorial to remember the 58 men lost at sea at that time. Along with the thousands of others that have also lost their lives at sea. It was a poignant service with a minute of silence that was so still you could hear passers-by on the street outside. 

    In 1968 within three weeks, three trawlers sank in the Arct

  • INSET day 9/3/18

    9th March 2018 - St Wilfrid's Academy

    A reminder that Friday 9/3/18 is a training day at SWA and we are closed to student. Those students who attend off-site vocational placements should still attend as normal. 

  • HOT Week - Here on Time

    9th March 2018 - Kingston Park Academy

    To try and reduce the small number of children that are late in the morning, we will be having a ‘Here On Time’    focus week from Monday 19th March. Please can you encourage your child to be in their class, coats off, indoor shoes on and ready to learn no later than 8.50am. As a reward for everyone who arrives at school on time we will be giving them 5 extra reward points each day and for all children that arrive on time everyday, they will also receive an extra 25 points at the end of the week and a chanc

  • Parents Consultation

    9th March 2018 - Kingston Park Academy

    Letters have been sent home for parents consultations that are   taking place on Tuesday 27th March 3:10pm to 6:30pm and Wednesday 28th March 3:10pm to 5:00pm for FS2 - Year 6.

    FS1 consultations will be taking place throughout the week from Monday 26th - Thursday 29th March between 11.50am and 12:20pm. If you have not already done so, please return the form to the class teacher. Thank you.



  • Opening Today

    8th March 2018 - Green Lane Primary Academy

    Due to the snow and staff struggling to get to school opening is delayed until 9.30am initially to allow time for staff to arrive.  This may need to be reviewed later if the weather changes for the worse. The caretaker is clearing the snow at the front of school only so please can Pear enter through Willow class, Cherry through Poplar, Apple through Elm. Can Chestnut and Rowan come in through the Year 5 doors and Oak through Birch at the front.  Hazel and Sycamore through their normal doors. Thank you.


  • Vote for RASA!!

    8th March 2018 - Rossington All Saints Academy

    Y7 have been designing posters for a competition to win an all expenses paid trip to Spain and we are delighted that Kaitlin Sim's poster has made it through to the final 5 shortlist for our region. 

    The 5 schools who have made it to the shortlist have been uploaded to the Ultimate School Trip website http://ultimateschooltrip.jet2holidays.com/  The vote will be open until Friday at 6pm.

    Please make sure you vote, and ask your friends and family to vote as well for this fantastic opportunity for a group of o

  • World Book Day

    8th March 2018 - Green Lane Primary Academy

    World Book Day was celebrated at GLPA today (reaaranged from last week) and snow again today! Even so thank you to parents, children and staff for a fantastic effort in dressing up and getting into the spirit of the day. We held a second hand swap shop of books and celebrated all things Harry Potter in assembly.

  • World Book Day

    8th March 2018 - Highfields Primary Academy

    Thank you to all parents and children for supporting World Book Day, especially those parents who were able to come into school and share reading in the newly designed library space.  The cosutmes and enthusiasm made it a great day.  We have so many opportunities to share stories so we made the most of this year's theme!  To ensure there is a lasting legacy we will be continuing to find ways to share stories in school and encourage families to do the same!  Thanks again to everyone.

  • Post 16 News Presentation on Water Safety

    7th March 2018 - Serlby Park Academy
    Gary Willoughby of The Fire Service presented to our Post 16 students to remind them of the dangers of swimming in open water.
    Over 400 people die in the water every year in the UK, and firefighters are urging people to follow some basic rules to stay safe.
    The dangers of open water are:
    • The water can be much deeper than you expect • Rivers, lakes, canals and reservoirs are much colder than you think • Open water can carry water borne diseases, pollutants and bacteria • Cold water dramatically affects your
  • POST 16 News The Collision Project

    7th March 2018 - Serlby Park Academy


    Our students welcomed Keith from HOPE Collision Project for a presentation on peer pressures around anti social behaviours and unsafe driving. These include such things as not wearing seatbelts, changing the music, using a mobile phone, drinking and dangers associated with driving and being a passenger.

    HOPE Collision Project promotes safety through public awareness of the need for home and road safety and also how to manage the risks.

    For further information about the HOPE peer support group, please telep

  • Author inspires students

    7th March 2018 - The Vale Academy

    Creative writing skills flourished when a published author visited The Vale Academy.

    Philip Hamlyn Williams, also chair of Lincoln Book Festival, worked with Year 9 students and was “astounded” by the results.

    English teacher Sandy King, who organised the visit, said Mr Williams gave out an image and told the students: "Just write a story. Don't think. Just write the first thing that comes into your head."

    They did just that with surprising results.

    One student said: "I was so surprised by my writing. I don't k

  • Doncaster Rocks

    7th March 2018 - Grange Lane Infant Academy

    On the 7th March Doncaster School Nurses launched the ‘Doncaster Rocks’ group with the help from children from Grange Lane Infant Academy.

    The children decorated rocks ready to hide in the community not just for others to find and re-hide but also to encourage children and parents to become more active.

    The children will also be interested to find out how far a rock can actually travel! To help them do this keep a look out and if you find a hand decorated rock in or around Rossington, post a picture on the Do

  • Tropical Butterfly House

    7th March 2018 - Pheasant Bank Academy

    Year 3 visited The Tropical Butterfly House in Sheffield.  They had a fabulous time learning about mini beasts, meerkats, butterflies, birds and lots of other amazing wildlife from around the world.  They even got the opportunity to touch some unusual animals.

  • New School Gateway App

    6th March 2018 - De Lacy Academy

     We have now launched the “Schoolgateway” App as part of our commitment to improving communication links between parents and school. This free App will enable us to communicate with parents on a whole range of issues including :


    • Rewards & Achievements
    • Attendance
    • Student Reports
    • Letters from the Principal
    • Information regarding School trips and events
    • Exam timetables and revision sessions
    • After school clubs
    • Parents evenings

    The app will enable you to contact school free of charge to notify us of your child’s attendan