Race for life

Well done to all of the children, staff and parents for supporting us with the race for life.  We have raised a fantastic amount of money, the grand total to date is £1067.50!!

Thank you!

  • 3D Model of the Earth - Year 7

    8th February 2017 - Manor Croft Academy

    The 3D model of the Earth was built by Joe in Year7 as part of the Electro-magnetism Unit in Science.  It shows not only the magnetic field lines that protect the Earth from the Solar winds.  It also shows the structure of the Earth, as it is this structure that creates the magnetic field that we all take for granted.  Deep in the Earth there is a solid Inner Core of  IronNickel (In black in Joe's model) that spins inside an ocean of molten Iron/Nickel(in red) called the Outer Core.  It is this movement tha

  • Y5 visit to the University of Hull

    7th February 2017 - The Parks Academy

    Today fifteen Y5 children visited the University of Hull. They saw what the university looked like when they had a tour. They found out about the types of courses they have on offer and even sampled a couple. The photos show a taster of what computer science is like. Going to a brilliant university like this is certainly something they can all do. Our pupils can be the very best.

  • Charity total grows!

    7th February 2017 - The Parks Academy

    Our 'Reach fro the Stars' Day on Friday was such a success. We had Liam Welham come to talk to us about never giving up trying your very best. Pupils came in their favourite team's colours too and donated a minimum of 50p fo Hull FC Community Foundation. This charity helps support youngeters in our community who may be under privileged. We raised a fabulous £126.  

  • Magna

    7th February 2017 - Crookesbroom Primary Academy

    Year 5 and 6 had an amazing time at Magna. We learnt about what we can do to help the Earth from 'getting angry'.

  • E-Safety Matters

    7th February 2017 - The Elland Academy

    All students who sat the Level 1 Exam today passed! What a great start to Internet safety week! I have a few more level 1 exams on Thursday morning before moving onto the Level 2 ECDL Exams after the break.

  • Internet Safety Week

    7th February 2017 - Melior Community Academy

    Safer Internet Day 2017 is being celebrated glovally on Tuesday, 7th February.

    The Academy will be conducting various assemblies this week to talk to, and raise awareness with, students about the the importance of being safe while online.

    Please see the link below to understand how you can further support at home. Should you feel that you would like any additional support with internet safety, do please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.


  • Safer Internet Day

    7th February 2017 - De Lacy Academy

    Safer Internet Day 2017 is being celebrated globally today, Tuesday 7th February, with the theme 'Be the change: unite for a better internet'. 

    We have copies of a free magazine in school called “Digital Parenting”. Copies are available for all parents to collect or alternatively can be sent out in the post. If you would like a copy, please contact reception and this can be arranged.

    Please read the letter below which will go out to all students today.



  • Have Aliens Landed at Pheasant Bank Academy?

    7th February 2017 - Pheasant Bank Academy

    Year 5 have discovered a scene in Pheasant Bank car park this week. The Police and Forensics have reported that this is being classified as a UFO crash landing and that children need to be vigilant in case they see any other such sightings in the near future. We are hoping this will uncover new information about Alien existence.

  • Roman Day in Year 3

    7th February 2017 - Pheasant Bank Academy

    In year three, we had a very exciting day when two Romans came to visit our school. They taught us lots of interesting things about life in Ancient Rome and we had the opportunity to train as a gladiator, learn a roman dance and we even built a working aquaduct together.

  • Internet Safety Day 2017

    6th February 2017 - Manor Croft Academy

    On Tuesday 8th February Manor Croft Academy will be helping raise awareness of the importance of staying safe on the internet.  Students will be involved in activities during tutorial sessions on Tuesday 8th February to alert them to the risks and dangers of social networking sites and how to create safe profiles when using them.  Mr Audsley will be leading a series of assemblies for all year groups on the importance of using webcams safely. For more information on how to protect young people from endangeri


    6th February 2017 - Ash Hill Academy

    This week’s assemblies are all focusing on the topic of E-Safety, delivered by the academy’s E-Safety Lead Mr. Reynolds (KS3/4). Mr Blackett will lead for KS5. All KS3 ICT lessons will discuss and expand on the topic, outlining how images posted to the internet and social media could be used against you.

    All of the assemblies will link to Safer Internet Day, which is on Tuesday 7th February.

  • Ofsted Visit

    6th February 2017 - Estcourt Primary Academy

    Please note that Ofsted will be in the academy tomorrow, Tuesday 7th February

  • Thought for the Week...

    6th February 2017 - Park View Primary Academy

    Safer Internet Day - Tuesday 7th February. The Internet is a wonderful source of information, this week we will be giving advice so we can keep the Internet safe for everyone! 

  • Parents Evening, Wednesday 8th February 2017

    3rd February 2017 - Melior Community Academy

    Our Parents Evening this term is being held on Wednesday, 8th February betweenh 4.30pm and 7pm and is being held in conjunction with our Curriculum Evening.

    Where students reports have been noted that parental attendance is required at parents evening, an appointment sheet will have been given to them during form time today.

    Over the next few days, teachers will be scheduling appointments and annotating on your child’s appointment sheet. If you have been asked to attend the parents evening, we ask that you ma

  • Keep your child safe

    3rd February 2017 - De Lacy Academy

    We know our kids are on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. But here are some other popular apps you might not know about. Trending apps amongst your kids change faster ...

    5 risky apps children are using to chat and share videos:


  • SPORTING NEWS ...........

    3rd February 2017 - De Lacy Academy

    Year 7 boy's rugby won their match yesterday against Huntingdon 36 - 6, what a fantastic result, well done to all who took part.


  • Challenge Cup Visit

    3rd February 2017 - The Parks Academy

    The children and lots of adults took full advantage of the visit today! Check out lots of the photos on Twitter!

  • Another fantastic week!

    3rd February 2017 - The Parks Academy

    We continue to work hard to reach our full potential and we reach for the stars!