Race for life

Well done to all of the children, staff and parents for supporting us with the race for life.  We have raised a fantastic amount of money, the grand total to date is £1067.50!!

Thank you!

  • Olympic Torch comes to South Leeds

    25th June 2012 - Park View Primary Academy

    Finally …… the day the Olympic Torch arrives in South Leeds, bringing the games closer.

    Some of our children had a very early start. They left school at 6.15am to walk up to the John Charles Stadium for Sport, so we could get good seats.

    Union Flags at the ready and the sun is starting to shine.

    What we had all been waiting for - the arrival and 'kissing' of the Olympic torches.

    There was a great atmosphere, with entertainment for the early risers, provided by DAZL dance company.

  • Annie Lush Visit

    15th June 2012 - The Vale Academy

    Annie Lush (World Champion Sailor 2010 and Olympic Gold hopeful 2012)

    The Vale Academy was privileged and honoured to be able to host a visit by Annie Lush, World Champion Sailor 2010 and Olympic hopeful 2012. Annie came to The Vale Academy on Friday June 15th to present awards to the most successful students in either Music or Sport or, in some cases, both. Annie brought DVDs of her in action on the high seas and spoke to the students about the importance of training to success at such a high level. Her com

  • Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

    31st May 2012 - Rowena Academy

    All the children at Rowena celebrated the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee on Thursday 31st May. The children and staff all wore red, white and blue and enjoyed a special Jubilee lunch.

  • Our Own Wonder of the Universe

    25th May 2012 - The Vale Academy

    One of our students was extremely pleased upon opening a letter informing him he had the potential to "bring much knowledge to the world of Science". Professor Brian Cox wrote to Ben (pictured) to advise him of his results from the "Wonder of the Universe" paper he sat recently. Professor Cox writes

    "you have an extremely rare talent being that you can see physics for what it is... You have shown an advanced level of understanding in Astro, Nuclear and Particle Physics. Because of your advanced knowledge in
  • Inauguration of the Civic Mayor of Doncaster

    18th May 2012 - Rowena Academy

    Representatives of the Academy Council were invited to the Inauguration of the Civic Mayor of Doncaster, Councillor Chris Mills. They presented a basket of flowers to her as part of the official ceremony and enjoyed lunch in the Mayor’s parlour.

  • Students Have An ACE Day!

    14th May 2012 - The Vale Academy

    A total of 75 of our year 9 students destined for the English Baccalaureate pathway visited Hull University for their ACE (Aiming for College Education) Day. The event which the university runs annually was a great success and gave our students the insight to life as an undergraduate.

    The visit gave students an opportunity to realise their potential and the encouragement that university is an achievable goal. A guided tour allowed our students to see the resources and facilities available at Hull, with inter

  • Our New Academies - Joined April 2012

    25th April 2012 - Delta Academies Trust

    We are very proud to welcome the following new Academies into the School Partnership Trust:

    Hull Trinity House Academy

    De Lacy Academy (formerly Knottingley High School)

    Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School

    Crookesbroom Primary Academy

    Highfields Primary Academy

  • SPTA Awarded Teaching School Status

    8th March 2012 - Delta Academies Trust

    Green Lane Primary Academy is one of only 100 schools in England to be granted teaching school status – a new designation entitling it to lead the training and professional development for staff.

    It was selected by the National College for School Leadership which had about 1,200 expressions of interest in the first recruitment round.

    The milestone marks a shift towards school-centred training and development. Teaching schools will be responsible for leading a group of schools, working with other partners incl

  • Specialist Leaders of Education

    8th March 2012 - Delta Academies Trust

    School Partnership Trust Academies Teaching School Alliance has recently appointed 17 Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs). Our SLEs are outstanding middle and senior leaders who have the skills to develop and support individuals or teams in similar positions. Our SLEs will help develop the leadership capacity of other colleagues inside our Teaching School Alliance, but also will provide support to other leaders outside our alliance. SLEs work will play a key role in succession planning in terms of helpin