Race for life

Well done to all of the children, staff and parents for supporting us with the race for life.  We have raised a fantastic amount of money, the grand total to date is £1067.50!!

Thank you!

  • Y7 Galleries of Justice

    18th March 2015 - Queen Elizabeth's Academy

    On Wednesday 18 March Year 7 students visited the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham; the aim of the visit was for the students to develop their citizenship skills and their understanding in crime prevention.  The students took part in three activities, a tour, object handling and a mock trial which they had a chance to practice their acting skills while providing them with, the knowledge about the criminal justice system and how this works in practice today.

    The students were amazing on the visit and really

  • Pageturners present...World Book Day!

    17th March 2015 - Don Valley Academy

    This March, Don Valley Library celebrated World Book Day with a special film show complete with popcorn and lemonade, and a very special presentation by our Pageturners students.

    They wanted to share their enjoyment of reading and the fun stuff they do in the library.  For the two weeks leading up to the day itself, they used their own time to jointly put together a special presentation all about Pageturners.  They then invited along one of their friends who is currently not a regular library user. Each Page

  • Red Nose Day - Triathalon

    17th March 2015 - Wainwright Primary Academy

    We raised a whopping £589.50 for Red Nose Day! The children came to school with wacky hairstyles and made donations of 50p and we had Red Noses on sale. 


    Here are some photographs of the children taking part in our sponsored Triathalon for Red Nose Day! The children had great fun! They could choose to either run or walk around the school grounds or they had the choice to bring their scooters from home.


    Thank you to everyone that donated to this worthwhile charity!

  • Year 5 London & Wicked Trip

    16th March 2015 - Craven Primary Academy

    On Monday 16th March our Year 5 class went down to London on a joint visit with Year 5 children from Mersey Primary Academy.

    The trip was outstanding with a sightseeing tour of London before tea at The Rain Forest Cafe, then they went on the Victoria Apollo Theatre to see the evening performance of 'Wicked'.

     The children stayed overnight in the Ibis Heathrow hotel and spent the next day at London Zoo.

    Year 5 were a credit to the academy and all staff were very proud of how they behaved throughout the whole vi

  • Easter Raffle!

    16th March 2015 - Wainwright Primary Academy

    We are running a raffle for Easter, this will give the children the opportunity to win a luxury Easter egg. Tickets can be purchased at 25p per ticker or a strip of 5 for £1.00 from class teachers.


    There wil be 4 Easter egg prizes available, one for Year 5 and 6, one for Years 3 and 4, one for Years 1 and 2 and a final egg for Reception and Nursery. The winners will be chosen at random during the final assembly before Easter, taking place on Thursday 2nd April.


    Good Luck everyone!!!

  • York Chocolate Story

    16th March 2015 - England Lane Academy

    Our Key Stage 2 pupils had a wonderful time at our recent visit to the York Chocolate Story. Please look over the pictures from our exciting day!


    13th March 2015 - Grange Lane Infant Academy

    Just take a look at some of our fabulous funny face selfies from todays Red Nose Day! Thank you everyone for putting in the immense effort that you always do, we raised an amazing.............£139.00!!!

  • PGL

    13th March 2015 - Knottingley St. Botolph's

    Every year Knottingley St Botolph's year 5 and 6 children are really lucky to be able to go to PGL.  As a group, we spend 2 nights and 3 days away from home enjoying a range of indoor and outdoor activities.  Because of this residential experience, we learn to develop our teamwork skills, are able to grow in confidence as young children and learn some independence away from parents and families.  It is a great opportunity and a one staff and children are pleased to be a part of.

    Attached is a message from Bi

  • Red Nose day and Week 24

    13th March 2015 - Estcourt Primary Academy

    Thank you to all the adults and children for supporting the Danceathon!

  • Red Nose Day

    13th March 2015 - Queen Elizabeth's Academy

    On 13 March, students and staff at Queen Elizabeths Academy took part in Red Nose day and around £100.00 was raised for this worthy cause.

  • Library Opening

    13th March 2015 - England Lane Academy

    Today we had our library re-opened by Yvette Cooper our Local MP. Please see the photos below of this exciting event. A hugh thank you to Yvette for sharing this moment with us.

  • International Links

    12th March 2015 - The South Leeds Academy

    On Tuesday, we invited Siyanda to spend the day with ourselves and Park view Primary to give him a taste of what school life is like for the students of South Leeds.

    Siyanda is an Art teacher who works at Mzuvele high school in Durban, South Africa. He already works in partnership with Garforth Academy from within the School Partnership Trust and we, South Leeds Academy, are now proud to announce that we will also be working with Siyanda and his school for upcoming and future projects.

    Siyanda gave both South

  • MCA Experiences in July

    12th March 2015 - Manor Croft Academy

    We are planning three experiences during July which encourages our students to enjoy the outdoors.

    Please download the information letter & application form below...


  • Makaton for Yr2!

    12th March 2015 - Grange Lane Infant Academy

    Some of our year 2 children were given a musical treat today, courtesy of Doncaster Performing Arts. With musical accompaniment from drums, macarcas and tambourines the children learned some basic Makaton sign language to song.


  • Coding Launch Day at Victoria Dock

    12th March 2015 - Estcourt Primary Academy

    On Thursday 12th March 2015 some of our children visited Victoria Dock Primary School to work alongside other children for a coding launch day.


    Click to look at the video of the amazing work that was done.

  • Wainwright's Got Talent

    12th March 2015 - Wainwright Primary Academy

    We now have a display board located in the main entrance, were we will be showcasing all the talents of our children at Wainwright Academy. We know lots of children take part in hobbies and sports and we would like to recognise and share their achievements.


    We have asked parents/carers to send in any certificates or photographs of their child with any badges or trophies which they are happy for us to display on the board.

  • Year 5 visit to Halifax Building Society

    12th March 2015 - Estcourt Primary Academy

    On Thursday 12th March, year 5 visited the Halifax Building Society. They learnt all about the branch and the different roles the employees have, they toured the branch and used their skills to budget money.

  • Making a Stand

    11th March 2015 - Park View Primary Academy

    Miss Ahmed and some of our parents who attend the Mosaic group went to the #MakingAStand event yesterday.

    Local Authority staff have been working with the Home Office and Inspire and put this event on for local women to ‘make a stand’ against extremism.
    This is a national campaign endorsed by the Home Office. The event was on Calendar New last night - look out for Miss Ahmed in this clip!


  • A student’s view…

    10th March 2015 - The South Leeds Academy

    ‘The South Leeds Academy has improved so much. Next year, Ofsted is predicting ‘good’ due to the amazing progress in behaviour, teaching and expectations. The corridors and classrooms are better; that’s only a few reasons!

    I’m doing fine in school, my grades are rising. High school is the pathway to my future’

    Olivia Garbett

    Year 9

  • Making Volcanoes!

    10th March 2015 - Worlaby Academy

    The volcano

    On February 5th 2015, me and Jay erupted our volcano. It smelt really bad. I wish I could do it again!

                                       By Elliott     Year 4

    The erupting volcanoes

    On Thursday 5th February, we did something amazing! Class 2 erupted a volcano but it was SMELLY because we added vinegar! Excitedly, I smiled at it when the bubbles burst!

                                       By Isabel     Year 4

    The erupting volcano

    On Thursday February 5th 2015, I was amazed at what happened! It exploded