Race for life

Well done to all of the children, staff and parents for supporting us with the race for life.  We have raised a fantastic amount of money, the grand total to date is £1067.50!!

Thank you!

  • Update from the Maths Department

    12th April 2016 - Melior Community Academy

    As we get closer the the Exam season, there have been some changes to the Maths classes in light of the recent PPEs. This is to ensure the needs of every student can be met through precise planning and delivery from our staff.


  • Year 2 Residential 2016

    12th April 2016 - Simpsons Lane Academy

    On Monday 1st February 2016 children arrived at school and had been eagerly awaiting their residential trip to Peak Venture for a long time. It was a dry and sunny day when we set off on our big adventure and the coach was noisy and brimming with excitement.

    When we arrived the children were introduced to their group leader and we were shown around the vast site. They were amazed at just how enormous it was and were itching to get started with their activities. The first activity was the bouldering, which tu


    12th April 2016 - Crookesbroom Primary Academy

    We are supporting the charity NSPCC and would like to help riase money by doing a 'Meaningful Maths Challenge'. Children have been sent home with sponsor form to complete and return by 26th April. We would like to thank you, in advance, for all sponsor donations.

  • Accelerated Reader Update

    12th April 2016 - Rossington All Saints Academy

    Congratulations to students in Y7,8 and 9!

    Readers in Y7-9 have been devouring books since September.  They have managed to read 24 million words so far this year surpassing their target of 20 million words already!

    Special congratulations go to Gio Filippio and Jasmine Hancock who were the star readers for their own particular years.  Every time students pass a quiz they are entered into a raffle and last terms winners were Joshua Best and Liam Thompson.

    Congratulations to our super readers.  Let's hope we m

  • The Wright Stuff event at CATCH Immingham

    12th April 2016 - John Whitgift Academy

    Year 11 students Mollie Cutler and Rebecca Parle attended The Wright Stuff event at CATCH Immingham on the 5th April. The event was organised by 'Soaring  Ambitions', which works throughout the Humber South Bank and was by invitation only with 40 places being available throughout NELC. Its emphasis is towards females moving into engineering.

    During the event Mollie and Rebecca took part the building of a glider aircraft and had a go on a flight simulator. Following their attendance in the Easter break both 

  • More Able Revision Skills Session

    12th April 2016 - Manor Croft Academy

    To celebrate the hard work and successes of our More Able students in year 11, the Academy held a celebratory session in the hall on Tuesday 12th April.  The session organised by Mr Walton and Mr Taylor, allowed 43 students to put together a tailored revision timeline as well as being an opportunity to give advice and share tips.  Students finished the session with some brain food, approx. 52,000 kcal worth of pizza was consumed - energy ahead of a long night of revision.

  • Reception Visit Tesco!

    11th April 2016 - Grange Lane Infant Academy

    As part of their topic work, reception have taken a visit down to Tesco's to find out all about food, where it comes from, how it tastes and how it's made from their Farm to Fork programme!

  • Ski Trip 2016

    11th April 2016 - Manor Croft Academy

    On Friday 1st April, 29 students and 5 members of Manor Croft Academy staff gathered at the front of school for the first leg of their school ski trip to Le Corbier in France.

    Dressed in their MCA blue ski hoodies, they arrived and were equipped ready to hit the slopes the following day. Both students and staff advanced quickly and all finished the week skiing from the summit of the mountains.

    In addition to skiing, the group enjoyed a pizza evening, sessions at the open air swimming pool along with games nig

  • Wybers Wood Chicks

    11th April 2016 - Wybers Wood Academy

    Look how much our chicks have grown...... 

  • Thought for the week ....

    11th April 2016 - Park View Primary Academy

    Let's all be positive as we start the summer term!

  • Earthquake hits Rossington!

    11th April 2016 - Pheasant Bank Academy


    Our year 4 pupils arrived in school this morning to a big surprise! Something had taken place overnight, resulting in their classrooms being in rather a mess. After conducting some very thorough investigations, the children came to the conclusion that an earthquake had hit their corridor! Well done to Y4 for solving the mystery!

  • Sport Relief Row-athon

    11th April 2016 - The Grove Academy

    Staff and students celebrated the recent Sports Relief day, and raised money for the good causes by rowing the Channel!

    For a whole host of reasons this didn't take place on water but rather in the safety of the Gym. Students and staff took turns to complete the channel distance on the rowing machine during the morning. It was a smooth crossing and the boat cruised into Calais just before home time.

  • Let's Get Ready For School

    6th April 2016 - Grange Lane Infant Academy

    We extend a huge thank you to the Families Information Services, the health visitors and the children's services team for putting on the Let's Get Ready for School event here at Grange Lane Infant Academy.

    The event was very informative for families who have young children who are almost ready for starting school. With guidance on keeping those young teeth healthy, toileting issues, attendance and early learning goals it was really supportive and reassuring for all parents who will have children starting sch


    4th April 2016 - The Elland Academy

    On the last day of term students played the role of Crime Scene Investigators. Students took part in activities to identify the possible suspects, this included: impact testing, suspect interrogation, Luminol tests for blood, CCTV, DNA testing and fingerprint analysis.   

    A huge thanks goes to the amazing people who went out of their way to help with the resources and activities!

    The votes were counted and the majority of students analysed the evidence correctly which lead to the arrest of our very own Assist

  • Arthur the dog

    4th April 2016 - Pheasant Bank Academy

    We have a very special new member of PBA- Arthur the dog. Arthur will be making weekly visits to our Academy over the forthcoming weeks. How exciting!


  • C6 Exams: Summer Exams

    3rd April 2016 - The Doncaster Collegiate Sixth Form

    The Summer Exams will be taking place from Monday 16th May 2016.

    Students should optain their Timetables from the Head of Sixth Form or Exams Officer in their Home Academy.


    Students will also be given their arrangements for Study leave with their timetable.

  • Attendance

    1st April 2016 - Wainwright Primary Academy

    Our 100% prize draw winners for this half term are Joshua, Leah, Eleanor and Maisie.

    Well done to all of children who have achieved 100% attendance this half term.

  • Happy Easter

    1st April 2016 - Wainwright Primary Academy

    School will now be closed from Monday 4th April  and we will return to school on Monday 18th April.

    We would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter!

  • Easter Cake Sale

    30th March 2016 - The Elland Academy

    During enterprise sessions students organised a bake sale to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Students created posters and baked all the cakes which were sold during break and lunch time. Lots of staff members and students bought cakes helping our students to raise £41 on the day.

  • New School Menu - Spring Term 2016

    29th March 2016 - Wainwright Primary Academy

    Nottinghamshire County Council currently provide our school dinners and this is contract is coming to an end at Easter. We have been working hard to find the best provider for our school dinners. Some of our pupils have helped us on this mission and they joined us on a great day out where different providers brought us their food to sample.


    We are pleased to say that our school dinners will be provided by a company called Chartwells; a leading provider in primary school meals in the UK.


    Here you can find th