Multi-cultural Event

26th February 2013

At Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School, we welcome and celebrate cultural differences and through our teaching and learning, we aim to prepare our children to live in a multi-cultural society with tolerance and understanding.

Our creative curriculum encourages children to learn about different cultures and we are trying to organise opportunities for multi-cultural experience. Hence we organised a multi-cultural day on the 27th February 2013 where we invited a professional organisation called the ‘Manasumatra’ to perform various activities on celebrating ‘The Festival of Holi’ and also conducting workshops for the entire school incorporating dance, story-telling, a display of various artefact’s and clothing from India.

Children were engaged by participating and learning more about the culture of India, traditional dance moves and also about the various gods and their beliefs. Through such fun events we believe that cultural barriers can be broken down.  A great day was had by all!

We would like to thank the PTA for supporting us with this event.  We would also like to thanks Mrs Foster for organising the event.