Hatfield Woodhouse Has Talent 2013

18th February 2013

Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School has recently celebrated pupil talents within the school, through the annual ‘Hatfield Woodhouse Has Talent’ competition.

We were really lucky to see a vast range of talents including; dancing, singing, gymnastics, musical and martial arts performances.

We had entrants from each year group, even from Foundation Stage!

The winners were ‘Rollin’ Hustlers’, a street dancing crew from Year 6. Mitch, Ash, Thea, Mackensie and Bailey impressed us with their performance, which they had clearer worked very hard on.

We hope the event inspires children to explore new hobbies and develop the level of talent and enthusiasm we were treated to this year!

A big thanks to all the adults, who offered their time to help with rehearsals.

Well done to everyone involved!