Harvest Celebration

11th October 2016

Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School is proud to share the news of our successful Harvest Festival. Firstly the School Council’s 15 members followed a democratic value and held a vote in order to make the decision as to which charity our proceeds would go to. After making the decision that this year Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School would like to raise money for charity, opposed to having a food collection, our School Council members took a second vote and it was concluded that all proceeds were to be donated to ‘Clic Sargent’. They wrote letters to parents and carers and made posters which were displayed around school to advertise this, kindly asking for food donations which would be added to the ‘School Grown’ produce donated from the Gardening Club, for a food sale which occurred prior to the Harvest Festival or monetary donation in advance, ready for the grand total to be announced at the end of the Harvest Festival.

All year groups from FS2 to Year 6 have worked hard to create a memorable Harvest Festival for all parents, carers, friends and family who joined us. Following Nadiya’s success last year in the ‘Great British Bake Off’ she released a cookery book called ‘Bake Me a Story’, which matches stories with recipes. FS2 and KS1 worked together on the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’ and presented a Talk for Writing style adaptation for the Harvest Festival whilst also baking Blueberry and Orange Soda Bread as 3 individual classes in the style of the ‘Bake Off’, which was filmed and broadcast during the Harvest Festival. Year 1 were the worthy winners. KS2, again from Nadiya’s book, presented a modern adaptation of Cinderella and all 4 classes in KS2 went head to head, again in true British ‘Bake Off’ style and baked Pumpkin and Spice Flapjack. Year 6 were ecstatic to have won.

Alongside many seasonal songs Mrs Acton made the announcement that Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School had raised a staggering £230 to donate to Clic Sargent, a fabulous effort by all, with huge gratitude going to all who donated, supported us and came to watch our annual Harvest Festival. We are hoping to as successful in our next upcoming event.