Crucial Crew - Year 6

15th April 2013

On Tuesday 16th April, Year 6 travelled to Rotherham, to take part in 'Crucial Crew' training.

Crucial Crew is a regional activity offered to all schools (Year 6) in South Yorkshire. The day event involves the emergency services (Police, Fire Service, and Red Cross). The aim is to make the children aware, and also prepared for, different events that take part in everyday life.

The Lifewise Centre has been designed to look like a real town, with shops, a park, a crossing and much more.

The trainers show the children how to deal with different situations, through practical activities (actors, demonstrations, videos, role play, etc.). The scenarios involve peer pressure, arson, drug/alcohol misuse, first aid and much more.

The children had a great day and are much more prepared to deal with situations in a mature, responsible and safe way.