Gardening club progress

3rd October 2013

Thank you for visiting our gardening club blog page.

Our club started in October 2013 and we have been working hard to transform the area behind year 5 and 6.

We have had children from all across the school participating on their lunch times.

Please visit our blog to find out what work has been taking place!

Thanks, Miss Bridge, Mrs Lynch and the Gardening Club children

June 2014

Things are really coming in the allotment!  We have our first red strawberry and the leeks are starting to take shape.  The potatoes are the fastest growing things though - we have to dig them up in a couple of weeks so we can enter a growing competition.  The hardest job was managing the weeds!

May 2014

Some of our plants weren't really taking to the soil, so we have tried covering them, which seems to have done the trick.  Our strawberry plants are doing really well!  Our leeks are also starting to look like leeks, instead of spring onions!

April 2014

Our tulips have really taken off!  They are really making an impact, with many members of staff commenting on the lovely colours. 

Our main jobs at the moment are taking care of our plants and tidying up the garden area.

We have also planted some more plants, including carrots and sprouts!

February 2014

We have checked on our plants and they are growing really well.  We can't wait to see them in the spring.  Please see our photo gallery to see the progress we have made!

January 2014

The gardening club is on it's winter break until the Spring.  Year 5 will be helping to stay on top of the weeds in the mean time though!  See you when the weather warms up!

December 2013

The weather has been providing quite a challange for the club this month.  We have completed our scarecrow and completed some weeding though!

November 2013

This month we have been working on maintaining the allotment area, as well as:

  • Making a scarecrow
  • Making a garden sign to welcome visitors
  • We have netted the allotment to deter pests
  • Making bird cakes to help feed the birds over winter.

Photos to follow! 

October, 2013

In our first session we:

  • Planned and designed our garden
  • Identifying resources
  • Designed scarecrows to make

We will provide regular updates on our progress.

Please see the pictures below to see the 'before' garden.  We will post pictures of the transformation as it progresses!