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  • History at Hatfield Woodhouse Primary

    11th October 2016 On Friday 7th October, we had a very exciting and unusual visitor to our school. A lady called Sherelle Hawes came to school to collect our school log books.  At first we were not really sure why this was such a special event, then our teacher and Sherelle
  • Harvest Celebration

    11th October 2016 Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School is proud to share the news of our successful Harvest Festival. Firstly the School Council’s 15 members followed a democratic value and held a vote in order to make the decision as to which charity our proceeds would go to.
  • Year 6 - WW2 Parent assembly

    11th November 2015 Year 6 have been investigating about what life is like for children living during wars - past and present. They have enjoyed learning about World War II. To celebrate the end of their topic and the learning journey they have been on. All parents and grandp
  • The Deep

    Year 3 and Year 4 Trip to The Deep

    15th May 2014 On Wednesday 7th, Students from Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School visited The Deep in Hull.The trip was really enjoyable and the children had the opportunity to complete a workshop lookingat the location of Coral Reefs around the world.
  • Gardening club progress

    3rd October 2013 Thank you for visiting our gardening club blog page.Our club started in October 2013 and we have been working hard to transform the area behind year 5 and 6.We have had children from all across the school participating on their lunch times.Please visit our
  • Welcome to our new School Blog!

    11th June 2013 Welcome to our new School Blog! We hope you like it. Let us know what you think in the comment box below.