Hatfield Woodhouse Has Got Talent

Each year we host a talent contest in school, we do our very own version of "Britain's Got Talent". This lasts for half a term, initially it begins in each classroom where pupils consider what talents they have, they do a classroom based round then the best 3 acts from each class go through to the Key Stage round. During Key Stage assemblies the pupils perform their acts, these can be individual, in a pair or as a team, pupils then vote for one act from each class to go through to the final.

The final takes place on the last Friday of that half term, we invite guests into school such as our Governors to aid in the voting. This year our final acts ranged from street dancing, to joke telling, to comedy sketches of 'Strictly Come Dancing' and singing. We are always amazed by the variety of talent we have in school and the quality of the talent.

We feel that our talent contest builds the pupils understanding of the "Woodhouse Wows" - life skill based learning. The pupils experience team work, resilience (unfortunately not everyone gets a yes.) determination (keep going, don't give up.), imagination (think of the most entertaining and unique act.), confident communication (you have to be brave to address a hall full of pupils, staff and visitors.) and risk taking (you never know how your performance will go!).

Our overall winner this year was Maisie from year 3 - she did an outstanding performance of "Wouldn't it be lovely" from My Fair Lady. It was like we had all been transported to the West End, fantastic singing, a brilliant accent and awesome dancing. Well done Maisie!